We offer a wide range  of different classes starting from 3+ years - 65+ years, we have something for everyone. Private classes are available. 

 Kids Classes
 In all kids classes please respect the privacy of each individual with no photography or recording. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the 3-7years classes for support. In all other classes we ask the parents to leave and pick up later. 

 We mix disco, street, lyrical and jazz in these classes focusing on a different style each week to different music. (Chart music, Disney songs, Musicals etc….)
 Learn how to dance like the stars, or just for fun with friends. Here in these classes you will also get the opportunity to perform in shows and presentations for family and friends if wanted. 

 Jazz Technique/ ACRO
In this class the kids will learn all the correct technique on how to be a dancer. Learning new stretches to increase flexibility, learn how to warm up and cool down the body correctly, stamina training, lots of fun learning new dance tricks and lifts, variations of kicks, turns, leaps, jumps and splits. If you are already a member of dancefever and take part in any of the other dance classes you will get this class at a special offer for half the price. 

Ballet for fun
Ballet for fun is a class where you can learn the traditional ballet steps in a fun way, through different ballet exercises an routines to traditional and new chart music. 

 Adult Classes (16+) 

 Dancefever Legs, Bums and Tums
 Dancefever Legs, Bums and Tums is a classic toning class. With set toning routines we deliver through new upbeat songs. Get toned up using the techniques professional dancers use to keep there bodies trim, and get the body you have always wanted. During the class we do floor work so make sure you bring an exercise mat.

 Come along and join the Zumba party!!!
 Zumba is a fun party atmosphere inspired by Latin and different cultures from around the world. You lose the pounds without even realising you are working out and you feel like you are travelling around the world experiencing different styles and cultures. Everybody has fun and feels great as we keep an upbeat happy vibe though out the class. ! The Great thing about Zumba is theres no correct way to do it, so you cant go wrong whether you think you have rhythm or not. Be inspired and show us your Zumba style. 

 Mixed Age Classes 

 Line Dancing (for all ages)
 Help us keep the line dancing traditions alive! Line Dance your way though the classic and new line dances, with traditional country and modern songs.

Ultimate Street Dance (8-15years & young Adults)
Breaking down funky street and hip hop moves. Follow the flow of the rhythms and stylise your moves to look cool funky and fresh! Putting locking and popping into routines find your urban and commercial street style.

 Dancefever Exercise (12+)
Dancefever exercise class is an aerobic style work out with a touch of dance to make it more fun and exciting. It's my own take on a dance work out its for beginners or advanced and you can do the class as an intensive work out or moderate. I show both easy and hard moves so it's suitable for everyone. Each song and dance work out routine has a different style of dance.
 Disco/dance, street, Charleston and many more come along and feel the flavour as we dance our way to fitness. ! Have fun with Parent and child classes, a chance for you to dance and stay fit together.


 Private classes are available upon request at a venue closest to you. If you would like private classes please contact us, prices vary depending on location picked. If you would like to join us but a location or day is not suitable for you contact us and we can arrange private solo/duo/group classes at a venue, time and day best for you.  


Please click on the link below for the full price list.

Private Classes start from £20 per hour depending on location and type of private tuition wanted. (Solo, Duo, and Group sessions available must be booked in advance please contact us for more information) !! 

 All kids classes are half price for there first class when booked!

Half Price when taking a freestyle class.

******** Special Offer ********
Dancefever Parents - You can have all adult classes for £2.50 a class. 

What to wear and bring

For all classes please wear something easy to move and dance in.
 No Jeans!!! Apart from Street class and Line dancing.
 Please wear appropriate foot wear according to the class
 All Dance Classes
 Bare feet (depending on hall floor), trainers, plimsolls, jazz shoes/trainers. (no heels)

 Line Dancing 
 Anything you are comfortable in, small heels on line dancing shoes or boots are fine

 Exercise Classes and Zumba 
 Supported foot wear, exercise trainers (recommended no grip)
 Please bring a bottle of water with you (no fizzy drinks in dance halls)! Exercise mat in Legs,Bums & Tums is recommended for floor work

Ballet for Fun and Tap
Ballet for fun make sure your hair is tidy and off your face. Bare feet or ballet shoes. Please wear school uniform or school colours Black & Pink Girls, Black & Red Boys. leggings or tights, leotard or t.shirt. 


 There is a range of J.A.D.E DANCEFEVER clothing available for both Adults and Kids personalised for yourself or the class you attend. Order forms available in class.
 You can also buy Zumba wear at or ask your instructor for details. 

School Colours
 Ladies/Girls Black & Pink
 Men/Boys Black & Red 
 Dancefever uniform can be worn in class but not compulsory.

 In Dance Presentations the school colours or Dancefever Uniform will be worn and footwear can be either Black/White trainers or plimsolls. 
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